Soca "Sulu"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006 Clivia R 0 Comments

Sulu was my first pet.
David gave him to me as a surprise.
We had really gone to look at Mastiff's cause I was convinced that i HAD TO HAVE ONE.
We went to the pet shop, and i'm there looking at all the dogs..on the floor covered in puppies.
For a woman with no kids...that's a wonderful thing.
Anyway, the girl at the store just opened the cages...
And he walked right over to me...
And sat in my lap..
Like he was supposed to be there...and he was..

When they told us how much he cost [Think PURE BRED , AKC registered, MALE puppy...or more like a month's rent]
I almost cried thinking i- have to leave him here in this awful cage..with these evil bastard dogs [that's what the mastiff's were by then]

And we left.With me bravely trying to act like it was no big deal.

Two days later David came home...Renee was here visiting..I remember being on the phone with her while I walked to the door...and there David stood with Sulu in his hands..

Priceless moment.

I spent the next couple of nights sleeping on the floor with himI remember david saying..aren;t you gonna come to bed...but he would cry and I would DIE!!

Needless to say, he charmed the pants off of everybody becasue he was so loving. Even MOMMY who thinks dogs should be in the yard and not in the house.

We had to lift him down the stairs the first couple of weeks.

And tricia fed him beer at Thanksgiving dinner... dont lie tricia i know you didand he grew so big, that he walked me not the other way around.

He chewed 17 pairs of my shoes in his lifetime..

And when my house turned into a mas camp, he was there, eating feathers and sh%^&*ing beads, that's when he got the name Soca Sulu, cause he ended up in our costume pictures.

and when he was lost my heart broke..
But i love you Sulu Shado Robley