Miami AND Broward Carnival 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Clivia R 0 Comments

Its Not a Rumor...its for Real! 2009 Carnival in Florida is a Joint One. Both Associations Broward Carnival and Miami Carnival are presenting ONE EVENT in Bicentennial Park on the SAME DAY! One Carnival!.

I can only imagine that connections are fragile and sensitive even as we speak, but I hope in the end , for this 25th Anniversary, we can in fact really have One Carnival. A true celebration without the seperation.:)

And for those that think Carnival not in people heads already....the bacchanal that is carnival has started already. 

Mas Designers bouncing up on each other on the street in the their sourcing locations and checking to see who buying what. Right Nicky??? loool.  The greetings are genuine, the curiousity is PALPABLE....and all it does is build the drive to DO Better, to BE Better.

This Joint carnival also means that the commpetition is larger. Personally I love it. It makes the challenge even more exciting. With previous bands in the Miami Parade you kind of knew what the limits and standard of the existing bands are. Now...we have Wild cards. I LOVE it. The Pressure is on...

I Name Bacchanal