Saturday, October 22, 2005 Clivia R 0 Comments

So....I'm so exhausted. Mentally. Every year its the same thing you know. Right after carnival...I'm just irritated no ass....short tempered, tired, cranky...sigh,.....someone who is sooo wrapped up in their own culture all year...jus completely
annoyed with it.

They say Trinis cant get along with each other beyond the length of a soca song.....sigh. Its funny. The very thing I love about my people....Is the thing I hate about my people...

Its like I almost want to adopt another culture jus for a few months...( till trinidad carnival) don't want to hear about the politics, and THE DRAMA...

So...I've taken to being silent.

Who say I could do that????

Nothing makes people more agitated and uncomfortable than silence though. Im not attacking you or anything...its nothing personal....Dammed...why the hell I just cant stay flippin silent for a not Killing anybody....shoot...for all you know....I have
laryngitis or something and I cant speak...sigh...I not trying to be belligerent or difficult. Sister just needs to avoid the noise for a minute.

im being silent because.....i have nothing to say.

for weeks ive had to make decisions on things, and figure out how to do this and handle that. so if I choose to vegetate not say anything, to completely non-react( is that a word?) please allow me.