Trinidad Carnival 2008 International Soca Monarch Result

Saturday, February 02, 2008 Clivia R 1 Comments

International Soca Monarch Results:

Power Soca Monarch

1. Bunji Garlin (Fiery) - 259 pts

2. Iwer George (Over Yuh Head) - 257

3. Faye-Ann Lyons (Get On) - 254

4. Nadia Batson (My Posse) - 250

Groovy Soca Monarch

1. Shurwayne Winchester (Carnival Please Stay) - 266 pts

2. Patrice Roberts (Mo Wuk) - 262

3. Kerwin Du Bois & Shall Marshall (Gal Farm) - 261

4. Farmer Nappy (Chippin) - 259


Penze said...

Steups. Fay Ann was sooo cheated. She was good ALL the way through. De crowd was hyped from beginning to end. When she came off we was still "gettin on". Bunji was good but Fay clearly beat him this rounds. As to flippin Iwer and he passa passa. Steups.. pack ah fart. Mind you when the announcer say "De Boss" de dam crowd just start to pulsate man ent even reach on stage yet.

But who doh want to believe there is politics in carniva/soca... she cyar win two. She goh tek de roadmarch!! In the last few days... the songs has taken on a whole new persona!!

*Wave and hold it!!*