Vibrationzz WEB SITE UP!!!! Into the Oasis

So...i've been kind aprepping peole for the reveal for this band.
They Actually launched In New York this weekend, while the Miami People were at GEnx LOl..

But since the website is Up!! I can finally share the costumes that I Love.
Their presentation is called
Into the Oasis
Check out the website....they had me wining in my chair at work!!

Online registration is up and running ..
these costumes cost 100.00!!! 100.00 PEOPLE!!!

My people better make up their mind soon!! Humph
This Green Is my Absolute favourite!!! so of course its more that the others!!! only a little though 110.00
It's called

A Headpiece I might ACTUALLY WEAR!!

My other favourite is
Why I always have champage tastes???
This one is 120.00 but look at the costume for the price

In all there are SIx Sections. See the rest Here. And while the images for the male costumes aren't there yet, I'm not really worried Nah.


[i feel like a momma bird watching a baby bird flyyyy]


Bagogyul said...

I like the green.
white is too much cloth for miami....d' sun does be tooo hot...dred!

The Wonderer said...

I'm loving that green. If only I didnt have to be saving this rounds... lol.