Wha di Jail?! Labor Day Carnival 2008 - Red Warriors

Thursday, June 19, 2008 Clivia R 2 Comments

Not only does Red Warriors have its website up.
WITH costumes...
They are ACCEPTING Registrations and Payments...
Its June!!??
what a thing...

Check out their website.
Their theme this year is Warriors
featuring 4 Costumes...

See pictures...
Amazonian Warrior

Iceni Warrior

Chinese Warrior

Roman Warrior

Contact information:

Contact Our Red Warriors Team Today
New York
Jason: 718-710-2200

Kathleen: 917-806-3988

Rico: 718-363-3018

Tracy: 917-570-6204

Nikki Brann: 240-422-5163

Yohanna: 202-341-0400

Valima: 202-277-5032

Denise: 561-670-0910

Simone: 321-474-1848

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Clivs I know you go join me on di parkway right? I playin Red Warriors. Come nuh!!!

Crankyputz said...

Now this is a cool site...