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So the truth. Two launches have passed since my last posting. And the reason why i haven't updated you, is unfortunately in true Bacchanalist style, the launches for Wassi Ones    and One Island Body Paint - Return of the Avatar were on the same night in venues too far away to make both of them. 

SOO Iset up a contingency plan. My friend Will owner of the D-Junction would take pics at Wassi and I would do One Island at Naked.

So I get there at one. Models were scheduled to be on stage at 2..and I walk into the venue. The crowd at Naked was especially thick that night as two of the rooms that would normally allow for a smooth flow of people were shut down . One for a private party and the other for the dressing and staging of the models. 

This was a bad sign. As I walked past the room where the models were getting painted...you could see through the partially covered french doors of the room that a photo shoot was underway. I guess i understand the need for privacy in terms of body paint since some of the models were  only partially clothed. 

I had hoped that both Chatty Patty and I ..would have been able to be let in at some point to take pictures, but since we couldn't find any of our contacts that was a FAIL. 

I think it would have been a great ploy to have the painted models displayed through those same French doors as people walked in. - a safe way to display partially clothed models...but I guess time didn't allow for that kinda creative set up.

Finally after sulking in my Guinness and complaining to Patty...lol....we realized that the only photographers let into the room were ones affiliated with the promotion/party...so my plan was to get as close to the stage as possible as early as possible to get the pics that i needed.

Another Fail.

That room was so crowded, so congested, the stage protruded into the crowd but there was no vantage point to get any pictures that would accurately display the costumes...I was soooo dissapointed. Steups.

Anyways...here are some pics that I was able to find from various sources of the One Island Band avatar - Return to the road.

One Island Band Avatar - Return to the Road
More Pics Here

Hmmm...doesnt this look familiar????

When I finally got to speak to Will about the Wassi Ones launch, and to other sources...it seems that the exact opposite was the case at that venue. The crowd was smaller, less hype but the opportunity for great pictures presented itself. 
Wassi Ones
More pics at D-Junction.com
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I promise to do better at the Genx and Mascots Launch people! 
I wont review the costumes....Ill leave that up to you. Let me know what you think.

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