Miami Carnival 2010 - Injection Promotions Section Launch - D'Sep Shun of Magic

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 Clivia R 2 Comments

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I went to this band launch on Saturday Night at Sosta. I was also asked to do the makeup for the two girls that would be displaying the costume. UNFORTUNTELY we didnt have time to take up close pics because like typical Trinidadians...we were running late.

When we eventually got to the venue with the models...the party was already in full swing. When i say full swing, It was so crowded that the small stage that was set up for the models to display was already swarmed with hard feters.

Anyways, soon enough it was time for the models to go on. The Section producer Pinky was so nervous about speaking about the section that eventually she copped the services of "Disco Dave", Promoter and Former radio dj [blink blink] to one, hype up the crowd in readiness for the costumes, Two - move the feters off the itsy bitsy stage and 3 - announce the information about the section to the crowd. Great job Dave!

The models were then led to the stage, again through a thick crowd that seemed more interested in wining on the models than watching the costumes. The Back line model went on and seemed completely enraptured with the music. Then the male model came out...and to the sounds of PIPE soon started jamming down the place with the female model. 

Next up was the front-line model, who was so nervous backstage that she needed some liquid courage before she went on stage. It worked well for her...although with the huge back-piece and headpiece being crushed by the crowd she almost never made it to the stage. Apparently the liquid courage worked as soon she and the other two were jamming down the place.

Pros. The colors of the costume are beautiful, although I believe that they don't display as vibrant as they are in the photographs. although this was not considered a band launch per se, the models reflected the mood of the party by focusing more on having a good time than the display of the costume.

Cons. The stage was wayyyyy too small to display the costumes well and because of the rain that night there was no opportunity to photograph the pics in the best lighting that would reflect them well. The crowd though was also so tight that photographers didn't have the opportunity to take adequate pictures of the models in costume.

Wassi Ones will be launching the entire band this week at another venue, where I hope the lighting and space will allow for better display of the costumes.

All in all for a first attempt Injection Promotions did an EXCELLENT job and I expect great things from them in future.


I don't know how I managed to forget about this launch...also note that other than Wassi Ones, One Island Band will be launching on Saturday.

lesel (Injection Promotions) said...

Thank you for doing the make up for our models you did a wonderful job and we look forward to working with you throughout the carnival season. I on behalf of Injection Promotions would alsolike to thatnk you for the help getting the models together Like you said it is our first time and thank you for believing in us.