Costume Boots DIY!! Dont be Scurred

Saturday, September 18, 2010 Clivia R 1 Comments

So youve bought your costume...and now youre doing the accessories, make up decision thing.
And this think gonna step out of my comfort zone and wear some boots.
Cool GO FOR IT!!
I've worn boots for Miami every year but one. and Heels too..Yeah Heels. Its Miami though ...not Trinidad.
But when you wear a boot you're wondering what to do with your ankle/knee/thigh pieces.
Simple... you do some at home DIY!

If you have an ankle piece that should be worn low on the foot but your boot is a shin tall or knee tall one... Here's my suggestion.

If you're okay with gluing directly on the boot, you remove the piece from the base and glue it over the top of the boot, down the side..wherever you think it would look good. Consider this your chance to do your individual take. The colors and design are consistent with the section go crazy and stick it wherever you feel.

See? Top of the boots is the leg piece...and these wearing one of their leg pieces as an adapted Head Piece!

When you get the piece try to detach it fron whatever binding it on. Most times its an elastic strap or maybe a cording. Try to remove it as cleanly as possible.Here's where the DIY comes in. Depending on the size of the piece you can glue it directly on to your boot.

Now if your boot is one that you dont want to damage. You can go to any craft store Michaels, even Walmart and  pick up Brooch Findings
These are flat base metallic pieces with a safety pin attached. They come in various sizes, and in my neighborhood I've even see them with a circular flat base attached . You can also find these at bead stores, and beading supplies stores
You attach the piece to this with glue...and  depending on the size you can use one or three pins..enough so that they feel secure.I woud suggest hot glue to attach the pieces to achieve a secure bond. Then you pin the completed piece through the fabric of the boot.

After you pin this through you can attach felt or tape on the inside of the boot to cover the pinned back to prevent irritation on your own foot and to further secure it. In essence what you now have is a removable ankle piece or leg piece that you can put through your boot and place wherever you need it.

I would further suggest that you test the piece to ensure that its as secure as you need it in term of weight and you can then use additional pins, safety or otherwise.

I would also think about investing in these.
Hem Gems

These are little pins...flat on the front...with an secure attachement on the back...think..flat earrings with a secure back...that you can pin through the fabric of your leg / ankle piece, then through the boot, then secure on the inside. You can buy these online here.

I fully intend to do this myself with pics soon. When I do I will be sure to post them. Since most people don't get their costumes till a few days before the road, if you're going to do this I suggest you get your materials before hand so when you do get your pieces all that will be left to do is the glueing and placement.

Good luck peoples...

See you on the road!


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Very interesting! Love it!