Band Review - Generation X 2011 - Indulgences

Monday, May 21, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

Generally my experience was a good one, the highlights included the music industry personalities such as Private Ryan aboard our trucks, setting the tone for the masquerade.

My costume was satisfactory in design, but well constructed, for which I was thankful. The men's pants, however, were disastrous: they all split open in the back, which made for great heckling and picture snapping entertainment.

My only gripe is the drinks situation. I was rationed 6 alcoholic drinks for the day. 6 drinks? For the whole day? Nah man. I would have been willing to pay extra for unlimited drinks, if only for the peace of mind, nothing is worse than budgeting how many drinks you can have per hour while masquerading.

Otherwise, thank you for a great experience.