Scorch Miami - Pump, Rise & Repeat..... or not?

Monday, September 30, 2013 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 1 Comments

So after continusoly hearing people cussing about Scorch tickets and getting them and waiting and not getting them, we (along with other bloggers) received this email with about the process.

How I get it I post it!!

In 2013 it's sad that as West Indians we can not stick together in a world that is falling apart. In a time made to celebrate  unity  its been brought to my attention that its our very own that is trying to keep us separate. Miami carnival is less than 2 weeks away and Scorch has been become a staple for party goers because of their reputation in other places  , but this year you have to select a committee member to get a ticket.  Weird, being last year it was simply first come, first served. Luckily for us being fans of, Dwayne Pitt gave his website viewers permission to select  his name as a committee member in order to get tickets for Saturday night . Picture below:

Me and 7 of my friends registered over a week ago with and it told us thank you for registering and approval will be sent via email. As of today September 30, it hasn't happened. Then on Friday, September 28th one of our friends asked us what parties we will be attending for Miami Carnival. We told her and we explained to her we are still waiting for Scorch tickets and she will have to register and wait like everyone else but use Dwayne Pitt as a committee member. She did it. She was approved in less than 24 hours. Me and my friends all checked our inbox and spam to see if we were approved as well...nothing. I instantly  said what I was thinking for some time, discrimination. Our friend who was approved is Indian. She has an "Indian name". So I tested my theory. I made another one of my Indian male friends register and my male black friend register at the same time on September 29th using the same committee member; Dwayne Pitt . My Indian friend was approved in less than 12 friend nada. I then went and made a FAKE account using an "Indian name".  It's been a week and I have not heard back regarding tickets under my real name , but my fake account was approved same day for 5 tickets when the max is 4!!!!

Im writing to let Scorch committee members know, you are in America now and to leave that unprofessional bullshit elsewhere. I won't be shock if there is an increase of "approvals" for this party to people who's last name are NOT Singh, Patel, khan, etc because of this letter but I do want Scorch committee members to know in a state where a young man was shot walking home in the rain simply because he was black, we have  zero tolerance for Caribbean people secluding themselves from OTHER Caribbean people because of the color of their skin. In a time when the Caribbean celebrates together as one, you decided to separate friends from partying together based on NAMES. I have no clue if the rest of the committee members are playing the same game as Mr. Pitt, but what I do know is that he is a reflection of organization and what I see reflecting is unprofessional garbage.

Zero Tolerance

P.S: The list goes on with fake accounts being approved and the real ones remain untouched.

I am a holder of Scorch tickets. I did have a few technical difficulties with people in my party. And I reached out to my contact who is my approver to let him know. I was already annoyed by the process as I wished it was an easy "buy yuh ticket here" situation. Did I think racism? no, as we did get approved right after I let the person know it was there. Though we did have to change the approver on one request we really had no other problem.

Carnival is bacacacacacacacahanl!!!



Gabrielle said...

My friends and I had the EXACT same issue.
My story:
I requested tickets almost a week before a friend of mine with a certain last name (long sigh) did.
She was approved the same day a few hours after she requested her ticket and days later nothing was approved for myself or any of my other friends.
My husband was also approved, but his first and last name can be deemed very "exotic" for lack of a better word.
If they only knew .. lol.
He is mixed with African and more African just sporting a French/Portuguese name.

Its disgusting that this is going on and my friend ensured me that I was just being sensitive and that the committee member was probably just bombarded with many requests.
I hope you're reading this girl.

We did receive tickets after canceling our request with that first committee member and requesting another that a friend put us on to, but now I don't want to go.
My temper and some Johnnie Walker don't friggin mix.