Come Play Ah Mas: Carnival Planning...You Ready?

Saturday, September 14, 2013 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

If you are anything like me you are now rushing around trying to put things in place for Miami Carnival. I do have a valid excuse though.

By now you should be registered in a band once you plan to play mas or hungrily trying to get into one. You have either paid your down payment or paid in full and what's next? If you still looking check out the Mas Bands section for bands.

Right now I am trying to find my extras: Boots, accessories. The hunt for boots is driving me crazy because I am not allowed to wear wedges this year so I am trying to find some flat boots that are cute and can be decorated.

Make sure to stay in contact with your band section so that you know your cut off date for paying your balance (if there is one) and know when collection maybe. I suggest trying to pay off balance before pickup. It can save you an extra hour standing in the line to pay your balance off. It's carnival weekend you don't want to be in any line for long. Please expect something to happen at pick up, that way when it doesn't you will be pleasantly surprised. Bands start distribution from the Wednesday and a lot of people do not come in until later down and they head to party and then want to try to get costumes so there is a rush. Try to get your costume (or have someone local get it) as early as possible. Please have your little kit with you, in case you have to do any adjustments your self. Trust me you will!!

Last year my band asked that we get to the stadium at 10 am. And I did and was able to park close to the stadium entry which worked well for going home after BUT we did not move off until hours after. The wait wasn't too bad because we had access to our food, drinks and music from early. If you decide to get there later than the time stipulated by your band, I am sure it is not THAT hard to locate your band in the midst of a circle but the hassle of pushing through crowds to find them I would not want to be a part of. Bands have not picked numbers yet, but finding out what number your band is would be a big help. Last year I was able to get the order listing before the day of, hopefully I am able to again this year.

After getting costume and finding band the rest of the day is up to you and your crew. Enjoy it!!

Also as I am doing now, we are also deciding what fetes we going to. Early bird tickets are way better prices than having to pay more at the door or not get any tickets at all. So decide with your crew what parties you all planning to attend and secure tickets whichever way you can. Some events you have to register to get tickets (why I don't know..but) so make sure you know where tickets are available for purchase.

Other than that, with hotel in place and rental in order, all that's left is to party sensibly.

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