Band Launch Review: Unleash - D'Junction Mas

Thursday, July 10, 2014 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 3 Comments

First let me apologize for this really late post. My job has NO chill these days. I would like to thank D'Junction Mas for allowing us access to their costumes before presentation so that we could get some close ups. It's not always that bands are receptive to allowing access prior to showing

D'Junction presented "Unleash" at the Entertainment Warehouse and they unleashed a WHOLE SET of sexiness. I love that the costumes have so many intricate details. I love that, in my opinion they have gone another step forward than their debut year in design and intricate details. One thing for sure is that there is a lot of sexiness. The options for cover is SLIM to none.

By now you would have seen most the costumes. If, for some reason you have not, check out our facebook page of some close ups: D'Junction Costumes

Their 2014 presentation consists of 6 sections. 5 made by returning designer Rawle Permanand and another section by Clivia of Carnivaldiva.







Love Birds





Pic taken from Strikah Poze

Midline (SOLD OUT)


Pic courtesy of Strikah Poze





Frontline & Backline

I am very pleased with D'Junction Mas' presentation this year. I think for their 2nd year they have really shown improvement in their design concept. After Saturday's presentation I walked away totally excited about Savage Beauty Frontline but now over the week Cobra frontline is also really catching my eye. AND I AM NOT A FRONTLINE GIRL!

Costume prices start at $280 and run up to $450. Djunction is an all inclusive band with a host of djs.

I see my top 10 costumes for the season  post being a difficult one with many other bands still to launch.

For prices on Costumes/Band information and Registration:




Gabrielle said...

Such awesome photos! Thanks for the post.
I've already made my pick but it was HARD!!!!! LOL.
For a moment I thought to myself ... Self? Can a person wear one costume half the day and another the rest of the day.?" Lord faddah! SMH.
I see that the Cobra FrontLine is sold out already! It was my choice along with Savage Beauty.
Fitness time has begun!
See you on the road... Can't wait to see what costume you choose!

Clivia R said...

I even like the Male costume...which is usually the overlooked option! Even its design didnt seem like an afterthought.


Gabrielle said...

Agreed! The blue accent and the way the top of the male costume attaches to the torso is great. I am sold on pretty much every costume. lollll