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Monday, July 28, 2014 Clivia R 1 Comments

Guys, this weekend was quite busy in Florida for band launches.  Unfortunately I couldn't personally attend ANY of them....smh, but based on social media [call it internet stalking] I could tell that all events were well attended and appreciated. It is the season!!

First up was the launch of Injection Promotions Jouvert Band " Water Colors" on Friday. I stalked the owner  of Injection promotions Pinky via IG over the weekend, and noticed injection shots, a swinging crowd, body paint!!

This is the band's second year in the Jouvert scene and their energy is obvious!! Check out their website here . Or follow on FB or IG.

Look out for a feature on Pinky on the blog soon!!

Next up was Mascots' band launch of their 2014 Presentation - "Mi Vida Caribena." I must say that Miami costumed bands  are doing SO very well this year. And Mascots is making it very difficult for people to make choices as to what band  to play in. Mascots formula has always been consistent - gorgeous costumes, and a family vibe...It seems like that they have done the same this year.

While their website is not displaying 2014 costume information yet, based on social media..[call it what you like] the costumes literally wowed the attendants. I must say too that their website presentation really creates some anticipation for visitors. Well played!  While you cant see the 2014 costumes yet the use of the video and images from previous carnivals  was a great move.

One of their sections, however - Bloom Carnival - is up and running with their own website.

These images are from their website:

I'm so excited to see the other sections in their photo shoot glory. I was able to score one picture from social media of the other sections.

[sourced from FB profile of committee member Sadie Sankar]

It does not disappoint!  

Make sure to sign up at the bands website so you can be alerted of updates and registration information. Check out their IG , FB and Website

Next up was the launch of  veteran Band Generation X's Presentation " Poseidon's Kingdom".You can see pictures of the launch here courtesy of Islandbox. As always Generation X offers three options for their female section - Backline - Front line and Section Leader

These are pics I found on their IG

 Ocean Waters
 Poseidon's Lust
 Sea Coral
 Sunken Treasure

My favorite of course is the yellow...but I'm biased when it comes to that color..!

While the gallery of costumes on their website hasn't been updated - their online shopping cart for costumes is UP and running - some saying SOLD out! This has been a tactic of Genx for years. If you must have the costume try to contact the specific section leader. #BGITR Tip. Please check out their website.

Like I said - Bands have really stepped up their game and are making it quite difficult to decide where you will play this year.

On top of that MBOC has allegedly managed to actually give us some real TRUE ROAD to play on....not just around and around in a circle. We have ROAD!

Have you chosen your costume yet? Did this post help or hurt? Soon we will have close up images of these costumes - especially for the out of towners - to help with your decisions.

Stay Tuned!




On point Cliv! Great reporting