Hope Arismandez's Murderer Commits Suicide..

Saturday, May 31, 2008 Clivia R 0 Comments

True or not true? Slashed wrists and Hanging...

SUNIL ALI, the man charged for the murder of eight-year-old Hope Arismandez, was found hanging in his cell at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca shortly before 6.30 p.m. yesterday. (See Page 4)

Prison sources said that Ali, 28, was found hanging from a line in the cell and bleeding from one of his wrists, which had been slit.

He had spent his first night at the top security Remand Section of the prison in isolation from other inmates, amid threats that he would more than likely receive "natural justice immediately" if allowed into the general population, a prison officer told the Express yesterday.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity earlier, the officer said Ali had been under suicide watch by the authorities since his arrival there on Thursday evening, since his life was considered "under threat" and because of the "intense stress" he had been under since he was arrested.

"We will not leave him down there (amid general population)...at all, at all, at all. Yuh mad! The Commissioner of Prisons cannot afford for anything to happen to this man. Not on our watch," he said.

On Thursday morning, a mob greeted Ali when he appeared before a Chaguanas magistrate. Some in the mob asked for 30 seconds to deal with the young man themselves, with the police even being forced to make an arrest because of the mob's behaviour. Just before appearing he was also threatened by other prisoners, who told him that they would be waiting for him at the prison.

According to Prison Officers Association president, Michael Williams, "in some instances, because of the heinousness of the alleged offence, some other inmates may be inclined to inflict harm on that particular inmate".

"They would want him to feel their wrath," Williams said.

Williams also said that Ali would have to be constantly watched because "he may be a danger to himself".

Prisons Chief John Rougier could not be reached for comment yesterday afternoon.

On Wednesday evening, Ali was charged following investigations led by ASP Johnny Abraham and Insp Stanley Ramdeen.

Arismandez is believed to have been killed sometime between last Saturday, when she went missing, and Tuesday, when she was found. She had been slashed across the throat, stabbed in the back of the head and beaten with a blunt object until dead. She is also believed to have been raped and buggered but the autopsy to prove this was inconclusive due to the severe decomposition of the body.

This is not the first time that prison authorities have had to deal with threats to prisoners accused of killing a child.

In May 2006 Marlon King, 35, had to be treated at the San Fernando General Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department following a beating from other prisoners.

He was charged for the May 15 2006 murder of four-year-old Amy Annamunthodo and has since been ordered to stand trial for the offence.