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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Clivia R 1 Comments

Repost in honor of the BOy

So...I was lucky enough to go see JESUS [for the uninitiated Machel JESUS Montano] in Madison Square Garden earlier this year. Much to the amusement of the people around me, I had a RELIGIOUS experience during the show. Outside of my shoe issues [4 inch NEW heels in NY when you have to take the subway and run - things i DON'T do in Miami is NOT a Good idea] Much thanks for the BANGING Mojitos at TGIF before. I couldn't feel my toes much lest my hands after those , so it was all good.

Anyways...Everybody knows about my love affair with JESUS and David Rudder is no joke either. But I Happened across this on Guanaguanare this morning...and again I was transported. Moved to Tears. I'm such a PUNK and I guess a quiet patriot.

This was SO a MOMENT for me. My cousin who was with me probably thought I was in a coma, or having a breakdown or something. I mean people were screaming and jumping and wining around me. And i could not MOVE. I had my hand up in the air like i was in church--trying to touch them, tough the moment, Hold on to it forever. I think that i did. I didn't need to scream and to wine would be to not respect the moment that was going on .

It was like..Like HOPE for me. Like we Trinidadians could deal with everything and anything if we could still have THIS. THIS moment. Like a cleansing. We could surmount anything as a people..if we could just hold on to THIS.

The Bele dancers in their white were like Trinidadian angels. The white skirts sweeping away all the dirt, all the politics all the grime all the evil. Yes its a pain, but it's a sweet pain with love and hurt and anger and happiness and pride and hope wrapped up in it.

David Rudder was like a Baptist priest: "Throw out your sorrow children , throw out your sorrow children." He was talking to ME. I DOH CARE WHO ELSE WAS THERE!!! he was telling me...he left where ever the ass he was to come
sing these words to me...Throw out your sorrow children. I know it was a concert...I know everybody else paid there ticket to come see BOY...but That performance, that song gave me a MOMENT.

Gave me hope, put some pride in my soul straightened my back so in spite of everything I can say. Yes Trinidadian - from the land of Oil and Music



ankur said...

your thoughts about that belly girls and specially the Baptist priest are very unique,no one thinks like that.

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