The Boy - The Review

Monday, March 22, 2010 Clivia R 2 Comments

So...I saw the boy this weekend in concert at Club Revolutions.

This was another of the birthday celebrations. My sister and friends had put together to be up in the bottle area for the night....which gave us a perfect vantage point for the party...but still gave us a private space to celebrate. And Father LORD did we celebrate!! We were in a box directly above and in front of the stage so we could look down into the rest of the club ...and more importantly look directly at the boy on stage. Dania girl…I missed you!! You would have loved it!

VIP in the club was in the pit....down below in the middle...while regular admission was on the sides of the club. I remember during the night worrying about the poor bouncers that had to stop TRINI feters from storming them to go down to the middle to get a better vantage point, and was happy as hell that while we still could see everybody we had our private feteing area.

I had been in a state of constant excitement for the past few days...busting out with excerpts of "Not Going Home" and "Slow Wine"... My sister and Judy were probably tired of me by 2pm...when I kept instructing them it was time to start to get ready. So I was in an absolute mess when it was time for the show to start.

Dj's did the filler thing until Boy came on. To be honest I can't remember exactly who they were. I was nursing a drink by then...and watching eagerly as the crowd started filling up. Giselle the Wassi One was hosting...and 103.5 djs..including my punkin Walshy Killa did a good job of hyping up the crowd until the feature act. I remember wishing that Machel had come with a band...instead of him performing on tracks...but since he's a solo artist now...I’ll have to get accustomed to that.

After sneaking out of our area a couple times to see people...I had to run my tail back up the stairs when I heard them announce it was time for the boy to come on.

He didn’t disappoint.

Considering the last Madison Square Garden show that he had with all the gimmicks and additional artists, this performance allowed an intimacy that the audience and Machel had to appreciate.

It was him ..and us...and I swear everyone in that room would feel like he was performing just for them. He had us in his hands from the first track. And I think he had us in his hearts when you saw his eyes widen when the crowd kept responding to him. We sang every lyric, every ad lib...every HUIII.

There was no space for theatrics...a raw, open delivery of his songs...and I think a true representation of TALENT. One man...on a crowded himself to the people who LOVE him. No lull in the breaks to rest and recover. It was HD. Just Machel. It reminded me of his earliest videotaped performances...the little boy ...on a HUGE savannah the grown man ...facing the critical judgment of the people he still represents...doing the thing he loves and we love too.

He is a treasure. Our Treasure. The show was amazing. I’m proud of our boy....and as always...I’m a TRUE Fan.



Great review!!!! Lucky you with the table area! I had a peep hole view to see the show! I wasn't pleased but Machel put on a great performance!

lawd, gyul i missed you guys too!
I know u did a sista proud