Jack of All Trades - Master of None

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Clivia R 2 Comments

Sooo...hi guys..
I do make up on the side. Jack of all trades...lol...and Ive been doing makeup for my amazing photographer friend Roger B for a little while now...and even he has been nagging me about putting together a portfolio.
Well a couple weeks ago I did a beach shoot for him. He's yet to publish the complete image...lol. When he does ill put the links up. But he emailed me some shots that he thinks i should use for my portfolio.
He wanted a SPECIFIC look . Roger always has a specific idea about the makeup he wants for his Image. In this case it was a colorful eye - blues, greens and yellows - a pouty mouth and bronzed cheeks.
These pics were taken after his shoot...so the Lips arent as glossy...but hey i figured Id share em.

Let me know what you think. And yes we actually had a SUNNY day in Florida...that blue behind the model is SKY. It only lasted a day though. Sigh



It looks gorgeous! I haven't heard you on facebook in so long. I hope everything is okay. I agree, you need to put a portfolio together.

Cliviaalana said...

girl..I'm just don't have the energy for the trivial...you know what i mean?? I hadda conserve the mental space...lol.. I'm sure ill be back soon..:)