My Humble opinion - DOH BEAT MEH - Trinidad Carnival

Saturday, September 06, 2008 Clivia R 1 Comments

Now i not getting into no Trini band mas be honest, I'm still a little apprehensive about even saying this. I'm not a die hard Triber...but their costumes always WOW. I wish I had their budget!

Out of the big boy bands in Trinidad, and even the new emerging Spice, I've found enough to WOW my pants off.
I love Cotinga in Tribe, I LOOOOVE Afrodisiac from is
Island People [especially the bald head chocolate model they used in their calendar!!! yay!!! i see MEE...!! YAY IP]
Spice's costumes - Brown Sugar takes my breath away..


Let me tell you who made me proud...who made me feel like Bikinis and concept could indeed be married. Who made me feel a hint of the "uumph", the punch in the stomach that Minshall gave me. I know FIRST HAND that sometimes as a designer you have to give in to what will sell as opposed to your vision of what you wanna create...and my little pond in Miami is nothing compared to Trinidad..and this band made me think can be prayer is that it also SELLS to reflect that..


D'krewe...the balance of bead and concept is amazing..Its flash AND substance. Here are my favorites.

Morning Glow

This.. a Male Costume! is Beautiful. Morning Glow..I Love it!! but will it move? I don't know. Most Men i know just want a short pants and a cup. But I love the imagery, I can actually see what they wanted to convey.

Spirit of Iere

I know..People will say..Old fashioned applique..Been there, done that.
But i think the designer wanted Intricacy, and detail and texture and i think that's why they made that choice.
I still Love it.

Male Costume - LOVE it.
I don't know if in reality the men will Use the fabric on the road..
but the color combination and the Impact wonderful.
To see this en masse on the road will be AMAZING


Beautiful. Sexy. Different.
Movement with the fabric but not cumbersome !


Tell me this isn't Avant Garde High Fashion.
I would ditch the leggings but it perfectly captures the Image of Iguana..doesn't it?



i Sooo Love this costume.
I love the graduated colors on the fabric...and the LACK of beading.
And it's still sexy. and Powerful!!


This is My second FAVORITE!!
How non beaded and beautiful! I love it i Love it I Love it.
The Head piece is sooo amazing.
It's Powerful and it doesn't obstruct the face...a must have for me !

The Male Costume - Hopefully with shorts...hahah..
They almost seem like tribal dancers..I can't wait to see him on the road..

People High Priest

This. THIS would be my costume!!
Oh My God I love it!! I would sooo PLAY in this...I LOVE it
I LOOOVE the headpiece!! i would actually wear it!!

I dont know much about Dkrewe's numbers on the road.. but their ability to stick to theme makes me happy! There's Hope!
Congrats D'Krewe

all images of D-krewe costumes came from their website
Pic of Cotinga from Tribe and Afrodisiac from Island People's website



HQ said...

You and I have the same taste if we were playing DKrewe.
But I am playing with Tribe...that Caged Canary is just jaw lucky to be in that section!!!