Di Jumbie....

Friday, August 27, 2010 Clivia R 1 Comments

So....I said before that I was taking a break from Carnival this year. I really thought I would miss it. 
And to be truthful in some ways...im still involved. Im doing makeup for bands. 
Im supporting a friend who has a section with a band here. And for once....for ONCE in so many years that I can remember ....instead of looking forward to the season with dread....of the work..and the politics and the long nights and the personal sacrifice....and the glue burns...and wire scratches and depleted pockets and short tempers and hidden angers...and frustrated tears.....
For ONCE...I am excited about Miami Carnival....I'm looking forward to palaving with my sister and my friends. To have the responsiblity of enjoying myself....still looking out for my people...but the burden is not all mine and I can look forward to a mind free of covering all the bases..Is everything as it should be.? Did we do this? Did we remember that? 
I can enjoy the ritual of preparing for the parade. I can actually wear a costume...not the left overs of what ever wasnt sold. I can be ...a Masquerader. The Jumbie bite Meh! -Disclaimer-


HQ said...

Yay!!! I know it's going to be great!!!