Vibrationzz 2008 - Message From Band Leader - Kizzy

Friday, September 12, 2008 Clivia R 0 Comments

Hello Vibrationzz crew,

I just want to update you on what's going on with Miami Carnival and Vibrationzz. The Miami Carnival committee has an exciting show planned for October 12, 2008 after all the bands have crossed the stage. The show will feature some of the Caribbeans biggest artists and musicians. Many of you did not know this last year and missed out on a great show.

Vibrationzz is once again looking forward to making sure you have an excellent time on the road, in the park and on the stage. Music will be provided by Rhythm Int'l (NY), Walshy Killa of Black Chiney(Miami), Dawg E. Slaughter of Excalibur Sound (T&T), and as you know or may not know there will be a surprise guest artist.

For all the males in the band I will have the male costumes up by this weekend.

If you have filled out a registration form but have not paid a deposit you are not registered with Vibrationzz. Please make all necessary arrangements to pay for your costume. The balance for your costume is due on September 27, 2008. In order to have distribution run smoothly we prefer if you pay in full prior to picking up your costume. If you have any questions please contact me or any other VBZ representative.

It's exaclty one month away from Carnival....can you feel...the movement!!!!!!