One Carnival - If you are having second thoughts..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Clivia R 0 Comments

Why Miss this??

* There are TWENTY SIX registered bands participating!!! Twenty six! This does not include the steelbands and non competing entrants in the parade.
* Clearchannel is a sponsor and there will be non-caribbean press and community groups from many english and non english speaking countries that have their own type of carnival..including a Brazil contingent, and a samba school.
* The Streets of Miami have been allocated to the carnival for 11 hours. Let me explain. The Streets. The Party continues in the park...till the following morning.
* I'll have the parade route and times for you in the next few weeks.
* The launch of the carnival is at Mahi Temple In august. EVERY registered band must participate and present. Its going to be almost a Tent City, where each band creates a presentation that should coincide with the Theme of their presentation. And Yes. It is a competition.
WHOOO HOOO.. Admission is $10.00 in advance. All the dj's registered with the individual bands are slated to play, including local soca bands!!

Stay tuned..