Playing Mas for Beginners in Miami

Sunday, August 09, 2009 Clivia R 2 Comments

If you're playing mas for the first time in Miami, the biggest step is research. Some people believe that you can only play mas in a band where you know someone or someone knows you. If you're playing with a crew or group.. It doesn't matter.

Your priority should be, value for your budget. Most bands in Florida are all inclusive - In that you pay one price and you're provided with your costume, meals, drinks and snacks for the day. Once you have the adequate food and drink, your costume fits and your music is on point, WHO CARES WHO YOU PLAY WITH!! Your process should involve searching for the websites or attending the band launches of the bands registered to play in Florida.

When you find a costume in your price range, you pay your deposit, and at that point most bands will adequately direct you as to what your next steps should be.

If you're playing solo, my bias is for the smaller bands. They tend to embrace you and make you feel as if you are a part of their group, probably because they have more people on hand and more time to attend to the individual needs of their masqueraders. I'm not saying that the large bands are inattentive just that they may not be as hands on as the small to medium size bands.

Miami Carnival Inc's website is a great starting point. They have an updated list of the bands registered to play mas in the parade. There you will find all the contact information, emails, websites and phone numbers of the bands and you can start your process there.

Here is the list as of this post
21st Century Steel Orchestra
contact: Mike Kernahan 516-996-8906

Acapai Players
contact: Patricia Roberts 786-337-0552

Belize Association
contact: Wayne Savery 305-200-1589

Break Awae Kru
contact: Ricky Byer

Caribbean USA (CUSA) "Pirates Invasion"
contact: Doc Mahabir 786-390-3204

Carnival Nationz
contact: Lesley Anne Chantack 954-298-3381

China Mas Group "Celebration"
contact: Alicia Gibbs 305.969.2981

Community Vibe Organization
contact: Susan Perry-StAnge 239-692-6321

D' Gathering
contact: Inskip Morris 954.478.0681

Euphoria Promotions
contact: Cassy Sealy 954-610-3516

Fun Generation
contact: Anthony Irish 786-308-6258

contact: Tyrone Silva 561-373-1878

Generation X "Candy Land"
contact: Gregory Antoni 305-233-0697

Major Players
contact: Ruby Allison Limere 305-318-6759

Mas Warriors
contact: Claudette Marryshow 754-423-3714

contact: Nicole Sankar 954-249-1039

Miami Pan Symphony Steel Orchestra 2001 Inc.
contact: Carol Barnet (305)233-6135

Middle Essence
contact: Jacinta Seunarine 954-673-3886

Musketeers International, Inc.
contact: Pieter Hendrichus 305-495-3440

Natural Freaks Unlimited
contact: Grayson Peters 718.781.2129

Party People "Reflections of the Rain Forest"
contact: Michelle Crichlow 305-652-8648

Party Room Squad
contact: Carl Montes 305.301.8538

Riverland Mas Band
contact: Elka Cools 754-214-4608

Skan D Lus International
contact: Ivy Lewis 786-380-3038

Ti Chapo
contact: Rolyde Azard 954-536-9407

Unies International
contact: Alison Adams 954-253-1614

VI Treasures
contact: Annette Samuel 954-677-4170

contact: Kizzy Alleyne 954-655-5597

Wassi Ones
contact: Giselle Blanche

Wifresh Entertainment
contact: Michael Wiggins 321-443-8454

Most bands have a website that will allow you to pay your deposit online. Balances are paid in cash at the time of pick up and instructions will be given to you then, as to where and when to pick up your costume.This is also a good time to meet your point person, as if there are any issues you can contact them.

Most out of towners arrive in Florida on the Friday or Saturday before the parade on Sunday. If you expect to get into town later that the date assigned for your section, make sure to contact your point person and make special arrangements for pick up.

Keep track of your payments and balances and keep them all in a file. Keep note of the address for your pick up location and the times for your specific section. And most of all have fun.

The Miami experience is unique. Enjoy it!



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