HII guys... a Story..Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Clivia R 4 Comments

So I really apologise....but MAS has taken over my life...and I havent been able to give my running commentary on things. I intend to schedule updates into my life ...so that it becomes a daily ritual instead of a sporadic thing.

So I wanted to share a MAS story today..

When you see a costume on the road...that involved a back pack or headpiece..please PLEASE acknowledge the Time, Talent and effort it took to make this slight looking, un assumable piece that your wearing.

It can Be dangerous...lol. So "Clivia the Artist" finally decided to take things into her own hands...literally..and instead of waiting on someone to do this for me ...attempted to do it herself. 

Solder! yes people... welll I cant even call it Soldering. Its WELDING. Yup. Bought me a flame torch, and flux, and pipe cutter...and gloves and visor. Watched Damn YOU TUBE for hours for instructions...lol...cause if they can do it why the hell cant I..right? 

And Your girl is currently framing out her own custom backpack. DAMMIT!! 

Wire benders are amazingly talented..and simple frames are easy for a novice like me. Headpieces sure...Collars sure. My backpack before were more of a Novice/Alternative materials effort...and while they came out beautifully, It felt more craft-ish than professional.

But I've been dreaming about this backpack and drawing it for someone to produce always ends up with a misinterpreted shape.

So your girl gone brave...and making her own frame. EYYY...them torches scary no backside!! I kept having visions of half my face scorched off...and wearing a phantom of the opera mask on the road. I almost soaked my clothes down..just in case a spark flew off and landed anywhere...

So there I am, out on the back patio......dressed in long sleeves in 74 degrees, SUNGLASSES[ didnt have the regulation eye protection], hair tied back and under [No Michael Jackson Moments], sneakers...[people who know me know that this ALONE is something to bring snow to florida]....

Trimming tubing, warming metal....bending it in the shape I want...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???! Fusing parts...realizing that you have to go in with a plan and layout..before you even turn the torch on. It was so much fun!!

I always said if i could find a Carnival Arts Programme...I would be on it like boiled corn...but necessity is the mother of invention. And I must say....the first trial was rough...lol. but now that i understand the process...Im
SOOOOO excited..and I cant wait to go finish this up.

Wish Me Luck...

Ill show pictures after..



I belt all of my backpacks this year and my thumbs was hurting like her by the time i was done. Especially the i did for kiddes carnival. Over time it will get easier, my major in high school was jewelry making so handling a torch is easy. Hvae fun with it. You can also use electrical tape to hold the edges together instead of soldering it.

Cliviaalana said...

GIRLLLLL....it was time to try ..but that torch scared the piss outta me initially...i did that for some non fragile parts..ill let you know how it turns out..lol..

mimi said...

lol make one for me nah!!! lol u good, i am too clumsy attempt those kind of things, it is guaranteed that i will hurt myself lmao!

Crankyputz said...

lol damn i need to get up to speed on all these nifty tricks!