Kes and Tessane - Loving You

Friday, April 23, 2010 Clivia R 0 Comments

Ive loved Tessanne Chin for ages. While her sister hit main stream a few years back, she has remained a little underground in her following and appeal. Her voice is a powerful Nadia Batson's... and it gives me goose bumps. When she rocks out on the reggae know for sure that you're experiencing a MOMENT.

So imagine how happy I was when she collaborated with my second place Soca Addiction [after the BOY] Kes the band..specifically Kees in this case. Its my favourite genre of music - Island Hybrid Music. How do you classify it? It's distinctly Island Music - infused with Tessanne's Rock styling and Kees R&B style.

Ive been demanding this type of music for ages [HINT HINT XOXO]. We don't have enough Soca/Island Love songs. Too much dig out, jump and jump music when we're sooooo obviously capable of more. So enjoy. Loving You. I'm sure you guys may have seen it already on face book ...for those that didn't.