South Florida Caribbean Night Life Examiner - Rhonda Berment

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Clivia R 3 Comments

One of my great friends Rhonda Berment has gotten a great new gig. She is now a writer [PAID] for the Examiner as a feature writer on South Florida Caribbean Night Life.
It means that she goes to the events that are popular in the Caribbean community and shares the information with the rest of the world via her write insight into the caribbean community here. A review with pictures.
Make sure to check out her facebook page and her examiner page.
Rons...youre the best and you've been doing a great job. Im proud of you. Please book mark these links as they will be updated constantly throughout the year.



Wow! What a dream job! Congrats to your friend!

The Wonderer said...

She don't need somebody to test the drinks at the events?? Lol.. Good Job Rhonda!!

Thank you for sharing your ideas on how to have fun. The night life can provide us with wild, crazy and unforgettable memories which can be very satisfying.