Carnival Nationz Miami - Miami Carnival 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Clivia R 0 Comments

This year Carnival Nationz has decided to pay special attention to one of the greatest figures in Caribbean history, something that has never been done before. An entertainer who needs no introduction… the "KING OF CALYPSO"… will be honoured in true CNz fashion for all the awe inspiring music that he has provided to us over the years. Call him by whatever name you know him: "Slinger Francisco" ~ "D'Birdie" ~ "The King"... we at CNz will simply call him "SPARROW D'LEGEND"
As was done last year, the theme for Toronto Carnival is also used in the Miami Carnival competition. The Miami Carnival Nationz information is as follows:

Carnival Nationz Miami:  [Taken from their Facebook Information]
CNz Miami is an all-inclusive band.
On the road with CNz - Miami: D'Bandit (Toronto), DJ Dorenzo (Miami), Hypa Hoppa (Red 96.7 FM Trinidad)
Band Leader - Lesley ~ 954.298.3381
DJ Dorenzo - ~ 954-701-5655
Savanna Thomas - ~ 954-809-8024
Nigel Braithwaite - ~ 305-975-4703
Wilfred @ 954-478-6873 - or Annie @ 786-469-1478 -
Marsha - ~ 954-732-8257
You can see the CarnivalNationzMiami facebook group here. The Toronto Carnival Nationz launches May 1st, so we will be able to see the costumes that will be used in Miami also.