Miami Carnival 2010 - Fun Generation Mas Launches - Somewhere In Africa

Sunday, May 02, 2010 Clivia R 2 Comments

So unfortunately, I was unable to make the launch of  Fun Generation's Somewhere in Africa this weekend...but I'm looking forward to the reviews of the event, especially from my friend Rhonda at the Examiner. I was however able to source these pictures from the sections. All images came from here. Unfortunately I don't have the names of two of the sections, but I've included the images anyway. Prices and pictures have not yet been posted on the bands website,, but I expect that they will be up and running soon. Check the pictures of the sections after the Jump.

Women of Chagga Tanzania

Section not named 

Zulu Collection

Another Unnamed Section

Women of Ashanti


First of all, I'm happy that certain bands are launching early and taking Miami Carnival serious again. As for the costumes, I could see myself playing in the second 1. I found out about this launch a little too late, and would of liked to go myself.

WOW! Thanks for all the support. We, Fun Generation take great pride in providing quality costumes and service to our family of mas players. We are excited about our 2k10 portrayal of "Somewhere in Africa-Great Kings and Queens". Our website will be up within a week,and you can view our costumes on our facebook page: fun gen mas. Kindly, email us at with any questions/comments. Next showcase event will be held on Saturday July 10th. Stay tuned.