Finally - A Launch Date- No Road. We chipping in the Stadium

Monday, August 16, 2010 Clivia R 1 Comments

So yeah. Miami Broward Carnival is launching..FINALLY!!
WHO: Miami/Broward One Carnival
WHAT: Launch Miami Broward One Carnival Launch come support
WHERE: Calder Race Track- 8PM-4AM
WHEN: August 28 at 11:00pm - August 29 at 4:00am
Over 30 costumes on display
Live performance by Kaushun Band
Music by DJ Karl, Dynasty Int, Gary Enforcement, Mixx Master Roderick, Maestro

More importantly, the carnival will not be in B-Centennial park..but at Dolphin Stadium. A Stadium. Again. It seems like this festival is constantly taking a step back. I don't claim to know about the internal workings of the committee and I'm sure that the recession and economic status has affected budgets with them too. But a stadium carnival brings limitations. What will the rules be on liquor consumption? How do you try to recreate the road element that has been integral to the Miami Carnival parade? I'm trying to be positive about this turn of events....but I really watching this play out with a side-eye.

How are they going to handle crowd control in an even more enclosed place? Refuse entry? Yeah I know its a stadium...but this just feels like a show versus the street parade that is the essence of carnival. I guess we gonna see how it goes. I for one am really disappointed...but being cheerfully optimistic


Ellie said...

OMG.....Whose BRIGHT idea was this?!?! Dolphin Stadium?!?! YUCK!!! I can't imagine....and I'm seriously considering taking a seat this year!!!!