2011 Carnival Nationz Miami 2011 - Mythical Creatures - Band Launch

Thursday, August 18, 2011 Clivia R 0 Comments

And so the story goes... written in the book of ole... of a time and land far far away... dark and mysterious... buried deep in the murky mayhem of thunder and lightening... cursed by the Gods but blessed by the blood of warlords... there lived amongst the madness strange magical entities.
The tales are plentiful and encounters oft rife with danger but the beauty and splendor of these beings have long captivated man and transcended time.  Innate amongst human instincts is the drive to unravel the myth and be consumed by the rapture and magnificence associated with these creatures.
For Miami Carinval 2011...Carnival Nationz Miami will take its band to that far away land, to a time where magic ruled and the world was dominated and fully immersed in the realm of...

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Saturday, August 27 at 10:00pm - August 28 at 4:00am
Tempo Live
2000 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL

For Carnival Nationz Miami 2k11 "MYTHICAL CREATURES"

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$10 before 1am | $5 drink specials before 1am
DJs Dorenzo | Crown Prince | DEEinspecta | Seamless