2011 Miami Carnival Launch - How Many weeks late?

Saturday, August 06, 2011 Clivia R 0 Comments

So...I didnt go. First time in UMPTEEN years. And I don't feel like I missed much. The Carnival Committee launched a month earlier than they have historically leaving quite a few of the stalwarts un-launched. And, like I expected, many of them opted to present just the bare minimum to ensure they were not in violation of One Committee rules. why would they want to show their designs to the public BEFORE their OWN band launch.

Noticeably missing from this presentation was Generation X, Wassi Ones, although two of their special sections - Adalia B' Mas and Island Gems - did present, Natural Freaks and Carnival Nationz Miami. All of these bands have not yet officially launched and opted to show pictures and/or flyers at the launch.
Here are pictures that I ve scavenged from the net.

and Uhm...give me a few weeks before I tell you where my hat hanging..;)