I am Soca. Bess. Hold Your Head Bess. Close Your Eyes and Wine Bess.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Clivia R 0 Comments

What they call it? Synergy?
Sometimes things just come together..PERFECTLY?

I am Soca. Bess. Hold your Head Bess. Close your eyes and wine Bess.

Patrice Roberts is Iron wrapped in velvet - Strong and smooth...reminds me of her Savannah days..
Kerwin is cool, effortless melody.
The Mix is a goose pimple raising Synergy.
The lavway is sweet ...but not TOO sweet. then after you get over the voices..go a little deeper. The harmonies are intricate and unexpected ...not the standard.

Then...the lyrics...and Ode to Soca that could just as easy be a love song.

No hand in the air, no instructions, no OVERT sexuality. O_o Side EYE.

Synergy. I love it. I do.  The women will love it.."Sometimes I feel like you don't appreciate meh.. I feel you hate meh"

And the men will know the words...:)

Written by Kerwin Dubois. Thank you Kerwin. I'm a fan. I think you're my shining Hope. Don't fail me. I don't care what people say. Yes you know who you are. Soca still has hope.