Leh me Translate....."k"

Thursday, January 05, 2012 Clivia R 1 Comments

~welcome to the new series on this blog...where I..a trini female of  General Experience and usually of sound mind will explain something to people who don't get it. I Like to vent. I'm starting to hate FB..and my work life doesn't allow me the chance to TWEET things as I like...but a girl needs to Soapbox now and again.

First topic .."K"

response sent via text...or sometimes murmured after an intense conversation that may or may not have include words like "arse", or 'Dotish" or..Really?,,,or "Fuh real?' ..or U serious?.. or maybe after a Gchat convo that made your fingers ache...Full of symbols trying to convey that specific emotion. Their may or not be side eyes....or middle fingers. Then finally...you get..


~Leh me translate~

You just talk a pile a Shit that made it completely unnecessary for me to respond;  that is so unworthy of response from an intelligent being that I CANNOT waste LETTERS on you..much less a VOWEL. YOU have just used up my bullshit accepting levels for the entire YEAR and now I have to worry about how I'm going to deal with all the ASSHOLES for the year since you have depleted my store. YOU have also amazed the shit out of me;  So much that I cannot even find words, nay LETTERS to express myself with. You are being dismissed..while i figure out how to make my self whole again.



Ok, NB I used a vowel and I am wondering who piss you off sooo much, I got your back darling, Is carnival time just listen to some soca and recharge... Love you!