Why i still love BOY...shaddap Renee

Saturday, January 28, 2012 Clivia R 4 Comments

Cause even in this video I see the little boy on the savannah stage. Cause he is still a show man like no other. Cause his voice is full of memories of carnivals past...and cause sometimes all i need is to hear "HUI" and I good to go.



You and me both mama!

HQ said...

Please don't be mad at me when I do my soca review.....have some issues with road march (hides eyes from Cliv) LOLOL

Cliviaalana said...

hahah...Listen very carefully. Road March should have been Bucket. Yes. I said that...but since he won and I love him anyways..who's complaining ??

I have to disagree Cliv, Mis Behave was real bad. I went in the country vowing to NOT drop on d grong an roll and that's exactly what I didn't do. I decided to follow instructions as the woman tell me to DROP ON D GRONG AN ROLLLLLLL!!!! Can't wait for 2013!