Miami 2011 – Fete Review: Scorch and Lime

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We were extremely excited about going to Scorch and Lime because these promoters are known for their great parties. So we set out to find 4 tickets for this event. Oh the horror. Apparently the Miami rep didn’t get enough tickets because a good few days before the event there was “no more”. Being the diligent feters that we are “no more” wasn’t an option. I decided to call my Trini contacts in Trini and apparently a bunch of tickets were down there and selling. Why is it a Miami fete and tickets based in Trinidad? Anyway, I was told that I could call a number on Friday and we can get our tickets. Friday came and were called. Oh yea we have your tickets here. You can meet me after work to collect them. Meet up place organized closed to 6pm got a msg that it would have to be later. At around 10 I called again and got “I’m on my way to a fete”. Most annoyed cause we too have our other parties to go to. This was becoming a hassle. For a fete? I really hate when getting tickets for something is extra work. If they’re sold out fine, but this having to jump fence and dig under house to get some tickets that I have to pay for is unnecessary. Saturday comes and we meet in a parking lot to collect said tickets.

After all of this, this fete had better be a bess fete. It was already a rainy weekend, and we also had plans for later in the night. We had a little issue finding the actual place called Flannigan’s. Then try finding park in the rain? No fault of the promoters obviously but that was drama. With all the rain though the line was ram and the music was pumping. As we walked, well ran in, we were firstly met by the scantily clad scorch and lime girls putting bands on then we were met by quite a few people in the inside huddled under covering. We ourselves looked for somewhere too that we could get covered and compose ourselves. Best place we found was the bar. This was not an all-inclusive event so the bar was flowing smoothly since ppl didn’t really need to park themselves up there “to done de bar”. After getting drinks and the rain easing up a little bit we did a little peruse of the venue which is pretty big.

The music was on point. Back to Basics, Richie D and Private Ryan really had the crowd going. Eventually most people forgot about the rain and was out from cover having a ball. This was surely not a social party. Infact debauchery I the word that comes to my head when I think of this event. There was wining everywhere, drinks flowing  and music blasting.  The rain surely didn’t stop more than half the feters from having a grand time. The rain actually made it sweeter.

Bess venue. Bess music. Best Vibes. We shall return, and we plan to get tickets bought in Trinidad this year instead and not take the chance of missing it.

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