I'm Excited. Are you? Kes at Colors of the Caribbean

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 Clivia R 0 Comments

Colors of the Caribbean is this weekend...with KesTheBand...not just Kees on tracks...the WHOLE band is performing live. And its free!!...and its in the park..and they're tons of other performers and Dj Maji and Seamless and Barry Hype ..and steel pan and Kids Zones and Moko Jumbies...

But also...there is Kes the Band :). Outside of what some consider my unhealthy love of the Boy...My next closest soca obsession is Kes The Band. Started since he was with Imij and Co.with Push - ..p.s ..in my head this song was called "push back take a wine on somebody"..[ahm why I cant find this song anywhere in the internets???] but their music is my favorite brand of Soca.  

I love a lavway..and i love minor keys...and guitar chords and riffs...and bridges and sweet wine.... They've really evolved into an awesome representation for Soca...just like Boy...[yes I'm the resident groupie].

Anyways... I cant wait to hold my head and sing along to EVERYTRACK!! Kes...See you Saturday!! 

What's your favorite Kes the Band Song?