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Friday, July 24, 2009 Clivia R 4 Comments

The following things have happened.

We had the launch of one of the new, well kinda new bands in Florida. Party People. Party People was one of the mas originators of the Miami Carnival. After a few years though the membership and e-board kind of merged into other bands, but with the 25 th anniversary of carnival and the merging of the carnivals this year they have re-emerged. You can see pics from their launch party and view their website here. You can also see pics of the launch at Islandbox.com

Another Section Euphoria in Wassi Ones Mas Band launched their presentation for carnival 2009. You can see their pics here.

There also was an event called the launch of One Carnival that was not in fact the official launch of the Miami-Broward One Carnival event, but some of the participating bands presented. I was unable to attend this event but will soon have a review from a person who did attend.

What is also of note is that I attended one of the Miami-Broward One Carnival Committee meetings where all the bands registered to parade were to attend.

When I tell allyuh Carnival is Bacchanal ...whether is Trinidad, Miami Or Timbuktu....Carnival is bacchanal. Things of note however is that all bands have to sign a contract stating that they understand the rules and regulations of the parade.

This was not an easy task, and I still feel like we left the meeting with so many things unresolved. I still feel too that bands are holding on to the negative feelings associated with the split of the carnivals in the first place. Instead of being combative, the bands should try to make this merged experience the best that it can be. I wish we could all let go of past experiences and face this new experience with an open mind.

Whats new. No T-shirt bands...hmmmmm. Bands will be penalized on points for starting late. hmmmmm. How can you force your masqueraders to be on time when they just left a party the night before? There are still soo many things to sort out. I hope the next meeting is more productive.

Things to look forward to

The reveal of MY BAND's presentation "Vegas Nights"

Generationx's Band Launch that I will be attending..

Stay tuned!!

Cliv Out!


I'm not surprised by the childish behavior of some of the bandleaders. They need to put things aside and realize that this carnival is bigger than them, and if they want to see and outsider take over the whole thing, then let them continue with the BS. No t-shirt bands...lets see how that affects some of the NY bands that come down here with that. I do agree with that even though I WAS associated with a band that is known for their t-shirt mas. Do you have any pics of your costumes. I need to see them!

Ellie said...

I can't wait to see what Gen X is coming up with this year....

Cliviaalana said...

Ellie Genx Launched on Saturday...lol...ill have a review soon...but you can check the pictures out on their website...Http://generationxmiami.net

Ellie said...

LOL... i'll check it out, thanks for the heads up!!