Band Launch Review: Euphoria Mas - Genesis

Monday, June 10, 2013 Clivia R 0 Comments

I arrived at Euphoria’s band launch at about 1am. We were running late [as usual] because the address on FB for the venue was completely different from the actual venue.

As we walked in [Thank you Cassy for putting us on the Guest List] I noticed that the regular set up of the Warehouse had been transformed. Decor from SunStar had turned the open warehouse set up into a white tented entry way...with multiple tents hosting food and the bar making a “liming” area in front of the warehouse itself. It was a great change and set the tone for the rest of the night.

After saying the hellos and hitting the bar for drinks we walked inside where we saw that a stage had been erected inside for the portrayal of the costumes, with decor again By SunStar designs. It was a welcome change and effectively built the hype for the event that was to come.

At about 1:30 am after a performance by [Father lord forgive me I cant remember his name] the costumes came out.

Euphoria Mas 2013 presentation “Genesis”  was designed by Richard Anthony Productions of Fantasy Mas in Trinidad. Their design aesthetic was clearly represented in the costumes displayed.

All of the costumes were beautiful, however some of the models In my opinion didn't  do the costume justice.  Maybe it was a case if nerves...maybe they needed a shot of something before...but some were lacking the confidence that would make an amazing presentation. This is no reflection on the costumes however!! They spoke for themselves.

My overall opinion is that the color choice was great, there is a wide selection of colors and tones for each complexion. And a wide array of bling. Wire bras were in full effect and based on the flyer masqueraders will have the option of buying back line costumes with a larger Frontline headpiece.

I noticed that during the presentation there was NO fall gems dropping no fringe you can expect a sturdy costume on the road. My only other critique is that the back of some headpieces were unfinished or undecorated.

BrownGirlinRing's Euphoria Mas album on Photobucket

Backline prices run from  $195 to Backline with larger headpiece at $220.

Section Leader of Darkness into Light runs at $375 - [the highest] to Temptation $275.

All male costumes are $180.00.

Unfortunately my pictures were corrupted when I tried to transfer them but above are the pics from their website.  If you have candids that are great quality please email them to and we will upload [of course giving you credit].

Euphoria mas is an all inclusive Mas band participating in the 2013 Miami Carnival. Their website is and Registration is OPEN!!!

Good Job guys!