BGITR Behind the Scenes....Pinky - Trini By Injection

Sunday, June 22, 2014 Clivia R 0 Comments

Welcome to the first of our features on the people who work so hard to produce the bands and events that we look forward to so much for Miami Carnival.

Today we meet Pinky...the creator of Injection Promotions, and Leader of Injection Promotions Jouvert. Prior to this feature she had been working towards the promotion of her band launch which happened on 7/26/2014.

She was given a list of questions and asked to respond...

BGITR:  Why J’ouvert? [not pretty mas]
Pinky: Last year was our first year bringing out Injection Promotions J'ouvert. The reason behind the band was because Miami - Broward One carnival was in its second year of J'ouvert, something I actually thought they should have done years ago. I had actually thought about joining the committee just to bring forth the idea but it never happened.
After playing j'ouvert in what was the first year for the Miami - Broward committee, I felt like there was something missing, or a lot missing for that matter. Things I knew I had plenty experience in & I knew I could bring to the table.  Number one, I was an experienced  j'ouvert masquerader, number two I have years of experience in marketing & customer service.

BGITR: Why choose to do your own band instead of being a masquerader?
Pinky: I chose to do my own j'ouvert band honestly because I had a vision for the band that no one up until I met my business partner, could understand & I wanted to give that vision to others to experience.

BGITR: Where are you from originally?
Pinky: I am actually born in Canada!! LOL However my parents are from a small country in central America, El Salvador. My business partner Stassie is born in the US but Trini to di bone!!

BGITR:How did you fall in love with Carnival?
Pinky: Growing up in Canada I've always had a Caribbean influence, however I knew I was falling when I experienced bits & pieces of Miami Carnival back in 2001. I finished the fall when I experienced Carnival in Trinidad in 2007. I did the whole shabang from fete after fete to j'ouvert, Carnival Monday, Tuesday & down to Ash Wednesday. When I returned I was in love & I started on my mission. I wanted the world to feel this amazing experience, or at least learn about it.

BGITR:Why should people choose to experience Miami Carnival?
Pinky: To keep an amazing culture alive in the US.

BGITR: There are six million Jouvert bands this year. Why yours?
Pinky: Because it is our vision, mission, & priority to make everyone's experience the best & most memorable on the road.

BGITR: If you could change ONE thing about Miami Broward One carnival what would it be?
Pinky: If I could change one thing it would be the unity in regards to the carnival as a whole. I feel as though a lot of the decisions made are very divided. If we unite I believe things could go so much smoother as far as organization, financials and so much more goes.

BGITR: What is your favorite Carnival Moment?
Pinky: When the truck is finally on the road & seeing everyone happy because you know the feeling of euphoria they are feeling from experience.

BGITR: How do you balance your regular life and the band?
Pinky: It's hard for both of us. We are both working mothers with a lot of other responsibilities on our plate. I think it's all about time management. We set aside time for meetings & conference calls & to answer emails, etc.

BGITR: How do you choose your support people?

Pinky: We try our best to support everyone whether it be going to events, sharing something on social media or simply just giving someone advise. Again at times its hard because we have families to manage as well so we try our best to help where we can.