Miami Carnival 2007 Review - Tribe Ignite!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Clivia R 3 Comments

So i figured the best thing to do would be do it in stages.

First Night. Tribe-Ignite. THURSDAY

We decided to go to to the Tribe party instead of Girl Power. I not gonna get into the reasons why.hahah. Those who KNOW....KNOW!! And those who dont...GUESS!!

Cousin Bago came in about I decided to wait on her before I headed out.

My other friends got down there real early ...and they scared me because when they first got there they were saying." Cliv nobody here...we waiting in our car to go inside."
Talk about shell shocked !!

The same people that were throwing this party has had some mas issues before so EVERYBODY was kinda worried about whether the party would come off or not.

Anyways. On to the fete...
Cousin reach...and we had to meet up with Marlos from home, and Cara from Brooklyn so the convoy now dubbed Carnival Soldiers would go to Big Fish ...

Anyways we meet up at a Gas a station half way.
Oh my look marlos...he so sweet ...met the Friend...Les [the bald head rasta]...and we out.

Got to big Fish say 1:30 which on a usual night is PERFECT TIME to get there...

I had the sense though to call my Friend who works the door to make sure things set up.

So The convoy heads down to BF....and we looking for parking..

Me and Bago drive past the entrance...and what we TRIBE banner on the wall
And this gorgeous red fabric hanging down , rippling in the breeze over the usual entrance for Big Fish...the two of us alone in the car SCREAMING...Oh GEEEED [non trinidadians i sorry...this is an exclamation term of surprise, disgust, or shock]'s BEAUTIFUL ....HYPE FOR DAYS!!

Mind you the other two friends already inside...We got lucky to park too. The guy manning the parking lot remebered me from my usual visits to big fish..and gives us parking on the side walk OUTSIDE the fete...Nice so when we ready to leave things nice...

Gone friend "Nickie Nix by the door.she so sweet...I bought tickets...but the numbers increased over time and she all love Nix...thank we set.

the place looked GORGEOUS...
it was almost NOT BIG FISH!!
Not too to move and chill and watch people...BEAUTIFUL people,....
Was like a who's who party...[which is what we loooove]
and we decide to set up in the back close to the bar.

Mr Marlos so sweet I don't think i paid for ONE drink....
and every time you turn around I was running into some Bago person...
Like the WHOLE of Tobago was there...[ dj Smallie, the Achille Boys, Dean Defreitas ...not bago but college friend], And then I found Miss Jazzy and the used to be jamaican crew...Dj hummingbird and Marls...and the rest of their people..I gave Marla a present ...but i think she threw it away. HAHAHAH.


Although we had some gonna leave that un-disclosed for the people involved...especially since Debra the WAR Monger was barefoot walking in the road ready to kill somebody...hahahahahah

But LOOOOORD party nice..

Bago and all get tipsy..drinks was strong Like Hell...
I know Marlos has pics...
So when I get them I gonna
add them as an album.
Sister bloggers if allyou have pics...send on ill add them...


We goh see allyuh next year!!


Bagogyul said...

I was not tipsy. I was feeling Nice, real real nice.

HQ said...


I'm a soldier!!

Yep, I need to get there a little earlier next year....clearly, I must be at some of these fetes! LOL

Eh eh!! Well I joinin' all yuh next year. I dunno why I went Girl Power man. Every year I am like I nah going again & end up going anyway cuz a di blasted crew ah rollin wit, but next year I serious, Lol!! NO GIRL POWER FOR TRINI BY INJECTION!!!