Silence...SUCKS [Into The West]

Wednesday, October 03, 2007 Clivia R 2 Comments


This blog been brewing for days now. To be honest a sister was torn between being politically correct and just...well...being real. Miami Carnival is always politics...and I try not to stir the pot too much. know what I'm talking like Island Mix back board...nothing saying up front ...but the PM's busy like Noah on Flood Day!

Well allyuh sure as hell know by know that IE is not on the road for Miami Carnival. I'm devastated.

I remember at their launch though i was so proud of them that Saloon Girls Costumes rocked me. We were almost Saloon Girls.

In the end, Clivia the Artist's Interests [ my alter ego] won out. I wasn't playing with them, but personally I consider them my friends, and I wanted to see them do Well.

I'm not gonna speculate [well publicly at least] on the reasons...cause we all know Carnival is Bacchaanal...and to be honest not going on the road is a Producer's NIGHTMARE that I can associate with PERSONALLY!!! I been there....

Let me Say it too. My Section Last Year GREAT BARRIER REEF With GENERATION X NEVER TOUCHED THE ROAD!!!. and if you're Pisces like me...its all YOUR fault, no committee , no nothing..
YOUfailed. So I'm not gonna speak on that.

What I am gonna speak on...PC or that by Now a STATEMENT should have been made about the band.

It's a Matter of Credibility I think.

The worst possible outcome has happened at the worst possible time. TRUE.

The reality is that disgruntled masqueraders, despite getting their deposits back or not, will talk. We are TRINIDADIANS!! We talk period!! And what we don't know the truth about, WE WILL MAKE UP!! You know we can carry a grudge forever, especially about MAS!! You know they make noise ...just for fun ....just to see how you will react.

You guys have a purpose and plan for Mas in Florida...I know...cause I Know You. And this feel like real CACA right now....
But I think a statement should be made to the public in general. I'm not saying tell us exactly what happened. Thats allyuh business. Shit happens....sometimes at the worse possible time.

But there is life and MAS after this...and an attempt at restitution should be LOUD and CLEAR.

It not gonna fix the situation, fallout will still occur, but it speaks towards the perception of your integrity as an entity. Silence SUCKS!!!

Speak please.


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Amen to that!

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