On to Friday-Black and White/Socavivor

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Clivia R 2 Comments

So After Tribe Party...Bagogyul the Solider and CARA head out to Rise and Shine..
LOOORD...i wanted to go...but i had some Band responsibilities...
always the optimist..the girl dress like she WOULD be there on the possibilty that i would make it.

So.. i head out early in the morning...Going to pick up some additional feathers and stuff...but I had a lunch time committment with MIss Kizzy Vibrations to sort out the last of the costumes..
Got distracted for a minute though cause I had to head to the airport to pick up a relative that was coming in...So...the person aint show.
I stand up in the airport for over an hour...and finally decided to head out back to my car...
who i see pull up in the airport ..

Marlos and Les..

Apparently they were there to pick up my cousin Sophia who had just come in for the carnival. so after some hugs in the street to the distress of the Sherriff, and a plan to meet up at LC's Roti shop later, we all headed out.

Got to the mas camp, and doing the last distributions ....only to find out that one...some headpieces needed some radical make overs, and two we needed some last minute touch ups on some of the other pieces of the costume.

The plan was I would take the Peacock headpieces and do the additions myself...and then meet up with Dania and them at Sybil's for distribution. But by the time we finished we were just able to head to Sybils's to meet up with masqueraders for distribution. Tired.

The vibes there was nice. Rhythm International guys was there showing love, Walshy Fire and unknown till now masqueraders were already there waiting. I was so tired by this time that I knew I had to go home and rest. Bagogyal met me over there, and thank god Marlon brought me some doubles from LC. Now that I think about it that was the first thing i had to eat that whole DAY?? Tired.

anyways...the plan for the night was Black and White first and then Socavivor..

So Dania and I head out about midnight. Tickets in hand and Les and Marlon was to meet us there.

Mind you..we had been running around making sure we had our tickets for the event. After getting lost TWICE we finally get to black and white...and we bounce up Marlos and Les parked around the corner. We had their tickets so we kept driving around in the area to get a closer parking spot.


EVEN with all tickets being sold in advance...there was a line wrapped around the building and growing longer as we waited. I'm talking about a TWO hour wait line. In fact , some friends who decided to brave the line said they were in fact in the line for almost an hour and half....waiting to get in..WITH ADVANCE TICKETS!!


So Bago and i did as most Trickydadians do..hahah [Nicole I know you gonna like that]

We SOLD the blasted tickets to some people outside...drive round the corner to find Marlon and them ...and headed to SocaVivor.

Oh to be smart and Trinidadian...hahahah

We ain't even bother to ask Marlon and them what they wanted to do..we sold their tickets too...hahaha...and it was off to Bayside Hut.

I must digress for a second to explain...that Miss Bago and I...had a quick wardrobe change in the car on the way to Socavicor. I mean COMPLETE change..one minute we all bashy for Black and white....and while we rolling on the Rickenbacker, changed to shorts and heels...complete with earrings and accessories. SOLDIERS!!! God I love Carnival.

Anyways we go over the bridge on Rickebacker and all we see is......


Traffic for days. I thought there was an accident or something. But apparently...the police was directing the traffic to the parking lots. You were not allowed to do a left turn on the normal entrance to Bayside Hut. You had to drive all the way up Past the hut and then parking in the designated areas.

But what was HOT!! ...is that they had SHUTTLES. Yes i said SHUTTLES...so that after you parked your car, you walked out to the shuttle area and they dropped you to the staging/ticket areas.

Bago and I park easy easy...nice spot down in the light...advised the security fellas to watch the car...and walked out and took our shuttle to the ticketing areas. The line wasn't long and we had to jus go to the will call trailer and get out tickets and then go inside.

I love that Set up.

Unfortunately i had a mess up with the tickets for Marlon and they and they had to go purchase their tickets then.. I think was SIXTY dollars...jeesum piece....but they were soon inside behind us. AND GET THIS..they CHANGE IN THE CAR TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

TSB sets up the hut like a little village, booths for food and flags and paraphernalia. The Hut itself is set up like a running disco and over on the other side by the boats, they built a sound stage where the artists perform right alongside the Bar on the left.

This was a CASH bar!! HALLELUJAH! No blasted buy a chit and get a drink...i love that..

Soon we set up nice under a tree in the back.

Breeze blowing nice, right by the corner of the bar..and the vertically challenged one has a nice direct line to see the stage...

Everybody pass through that little area too..so it was a real nice vantage point...

Bago decided it was time to get something to eat so we went to this vendor for Bake and shark and salt fish...OH MY GOD...talk about delicious... a piece fall on the ground and I nearly had a heart attack. Thank god for trini food.

Anyways back to my little area...around this time now..Les and her family came and met us there and we ended up with a nice little lime.

Right around the corner too a ton of Bago people...this was a real Bago weekend.

The vibes was nice for the party...drinks in hand ..company nice..
then BAM

RAIN...and not no cooling rain...Rain that mash up the tents over on the other side...and turn the floor into a swamp

Me and Bago get lucky.... we run for the tent with the drinks..and got inside early so that the outside people well block the DELUGE that came down. Mr Joseph play body guard whole night...so a sister was well dry..Thank you darlin..

TWICE this deluge happen..and about four o clock ...while the rain now easing up...who we see walking in..

with Patrice Roberts and others in tow..

But guess what... I Was too tired to care..
Fall over if you want to...i know some people fainting right now...my carnival was all planned around the BOY..
But the honest to god truth was..

Me and Bago said Bye to the others who we found out stayed well into the morning and headed home.


4 STARS....but we coming back


HQ said...

I missed this one...well impressed with the Trinbagonian ability to change in the car (I better get with it, since I am Trinbagonian by association....LOL).

You know Bago will never let the shark pass her by! Bringing back memories of Internation Soca Monarch 07!!! LOL. More hot sauce! LOLOL

Bagogyul said...

Cliv' that was a boss plan. But I'm glad we skipped black and white (lazer tazering) and hopped over to Bayside Hut.
Next year for sure we'll head out to the hut for 4am and I know we will see Mr. Montano.

P.S. That saltfish was ON POINT!