Miami Carnival 2008- Generation X Launches

Sunday, July 27, 2008 Clivia R 0 Comments

Pictures from the Generation X Launch- Miami Carnival 2008 - BIRDS!. [No not Tribe..hahah] Ill have the pictures from the circulated brochure to you soon. The costume pictures above are actually one of the private sections with Genx..and to be perfectly honest...its the one that I like. The Headpiece is gorgeous. Genx services I'm sure will ensure that they have a band thats humongous and people will enjoy playing in. But none of the costumes WOW the hell outta me. Sorry.

They're five GENX sections... All Female costumes are 160.00! and Male costumes $145.00. One private section and in my next post on Genx I'll have info on that one too. lol..whats interesting is like TRIBE..they models are posed with Live birds ...the birds that represent the costume that they're wearing apparently sponsored by the Aviary Bird Shop. Stay tuned for more pictures soon. More pics follow the jump