Uhm..I voted for her...but I HATE the costume

Saturday, July 05, 2008 Clivia R 1 Comments

SOOO..i got an email asking me to vote for our Miss Universe Anya Young-Chee. So I did. Other people who want to can go the website:

Hey everyone the polls are open and you can vote online for your choice of mss universe 2008. trinidad and tobago is currently in second place with thailand in first. just two days ago we were only 10 votes behind the first palce. however alot of people hav evoted for miss thailand lately and the gap has widened significantly. therefore we need your help. please go to http://www.missosology.org/mu08/poll.php and you will see a yellow and green box saying 'select a delegate'. scroll down and choose trinidad and tobago anya achong chee and click submit vote. its fast and easy. remember she is representing each one of us so plz vote as soon as you get this message. thanking you in advance

Sooo i decided to check out the pics, theyre all in standard swimsuits, so that's fine and our Miss Trinidad's gown is Nice..she looks good in it..So mas head had to go check out the national costumes...of our Queen and then the Island reps..lol...cause i biased nah...and uhm ..i sorry...but i DOH like it...i understand the concept behind it...but sigh...sorry...check the pics..and some of the others.I don't like Brazil either..strange..of all the countries I was certain these two would excel in this category. The one that i do like is Curacao. Check Em out..Forgive me...i voted for her though =[


Turks and Caicos

Antigua & Barbuda

Trinidad & Tobago





Penze said...

Yuh well patriotic. I woudda take that ish and poke peter in he eye...

Rumour has it that the Asian people getting mixed up and voting for her thinking she reppin them...rofl.. trini's are the worse.

*Waits on the Japandian to come in here*