Miami Carnival 2008 - Generation X Pictures

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Clivia R 0 Comments

GenerationX Presents "Birds" for Miami Carnival 2008

As promised

Yes..there are more than three sections. These are the ones being sold primarily by Generationx. The other sections are being produced by Individuals or groups and will probably have their own registration process. [ I know ..not Like Trinidad]. Soon I will have that info for you. If you try to register for them on the Genx Site, they will say sold out and not have any links or info to contact the respective individuals. I guess its Genx way of ensuring that their sections sell out first.

Here they are:

Humming Bird
Women $160.00
Men $145.00

Albino Peacock
Male: 145.00
Female: 160.00

Golden Canary
Men: 145.00
Women: 160.00