Miami Broward Carnival Band Launch and IslandsUnited

Friday, September 14, 2012 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

I attended the launch at Hialeah on Saturday and I think it finally made me be a bit more excited about being on the road come October 7th.

I got there at about 9pm due to the rain delaying me a bit and was a bit concerned about missing some aspects of the launch, but when I drove in I realised that things had not yet picked up really at that time. People were still streaming in, bands were doing final touches on their tents. The atmosphere though was full of excitement. The Dj's and pan side added to vibe that everybody who came in seem to be looking for. As usual at MBOC events there is quite a mix of age groups.

Adult bands were carded to present at 12am. A few hours prior to that kiddies bands made their presentation. It was an indescribable feeling to be upstairs where the adult bands were getting ready. Though people were very much staying in their camp to prepare, you can easily see the "sizing up" of costumes going on. It was a requirement for ALL bands participating in this year's parade to be there. It was quite entertaining seeing the presentation of all bands and it can easily be said there is a band out there for everyone.

While watching the presentations I was accosted approached by one of the promoters of Islands United. Apparently my review of Kes the Band/Generation X's launch didn't sit too well with them, and well he, along with the managers of Hialeah Park whose names have slipped me now, were adamant on addressing the issues from that event to ensure that their next events really give patrons what they want.

IslandsUnited has promised to bring you a STELLAR VIP experience at their next events for miami carnival happening at Hialeah Park. For those VIP people there is promise of a huge stage, with better access to viewing the stage for the VIP ticket holders. There is going to be a huge tent which will contain areas for patrons to lounge when they get tired from all the jumping and waving. VIP ticket holders will also get food (I probably added in that last part so please don't hang me if no food is provided lmao). Additionally there is a huge promise of better signage so that patrons do not have to be wondering around like lost sheep to find their designated area.

So for those heading to Girl Power/Rave and doing VIP, you can now expect a lot more than I got based on the last review. And if you don't... just let me know!! :)

Allyuh can't say I never do nothing for allyuh.. lol