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You know it's very upsetting to do VVIP at an event and then realise that it was best I did general admission. I don't know who is the bright person who felt that VVIP people want to be two stories up in the air where you need binoculars to see the ants people below, worse yet the stage. But I digress.

I was contemplating if to do Gen X's review separate from Kes/Soca 360 but I would be taking up too much time.

I must admit we got the to venue just in time. Costumes were already ready to go on stage just as we cleared security at the entrance. After a mad rush in and trying to locate where we had to go because as usual for these promoters there are NO signs to let people know what is where. When we did find a spot on the balcony we realised it was futile. We could barely see the stage good much less the costumes. Contemplating if to rush downs and try to fight and get a better spot around the already cramped stage, I realised would make no sense. So basically we would not be providing any pics of our own for this event. Sorry.

From a far Generation X's costumes for their Tremors presentation looks on point. Usually they have decent costumes across the board but this year they have stepped up their game in the sexiness category. They are now sexy and feathered out, with some of the Frontlines (I assume) having wings. I am assuming again that each section has a backline and frontline options. Normally they do three levels (including Section leader) but looking at the pictures from websites it seems they only presented a regular costume and another amped up costume which I am assuming is the Frontline. Their website is not updated for me to give better information. One costume that stood out for me was the white section. Not sure of the name. The head piece replicated the sunburst effect.

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I don't think Generation X will have any problems filling their sections. Especially for those people looking for that sexy costume on the road. They are also known as the band to provide Trinidadesque amenities. Now to wait and see the prices.

Not 30 mins after the costumes left the stage Kes the Band minus his dancers took over. And let me tell you, Kes's performance made up for the wackness that was a bar upstairs in VVIP, and the food that was in VVIP, or lack thereof  and the extra heat that was out an about tonight. He did not disappoint.

All in all it was a great night. Congrats to Generation X on a good launch with some hot costumes.

Now on to the next one!!



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Love the first one! HOTT!