Band Launch Review: China Mas - Saga of the Zodiac

Monday, July 15, 2013 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

After a mix up with dates for China's launch finally it was here. I was, as I was with Gen X, excited to see costumes from China especially after last year's presentation where I felt their overall costume presentation had improved from previous years.

The launch was held at the Performing Arts Exchange (PAX) which is a small theater in South Miami. Slated to be from 6pm, I knew it made no sense getting down there too early and guesstimated that presentation may be around 9ish. I got there at 8. I had never been to this location before so had no idea what format was going to be like.

The outside of the venue was setup with a few chairs and tables where people sat mingling as the party wasn't really in full swing yet.. A few tents housed registration and Sweet hand Kathy serving food.

I was a bit confused on entry as while I was walking in I passed two models in costume walking out. I though I had missed the presentation but was informed that nothing yet had happened and the models were still being dressed while a few others walked around in costume inside. That kind of took away from the element of surprise that I like to feel before they announced "models get ready", especially when I only really came to see costume presentation.

After mingling and a few drinks at around 10ish there seemed to be some movement at the stage so we moved inside. The DJ announced that after an artist performed the presentation could start. Finally after a performance and some technical difficulties China Mas presented The Saga of the Zodiac.

With the help of a Mother Earth we started with:






Ying Yang: 

My fav out of them all was Earth. It's a nice mix of earth tones with a touch of pink. It looked amazing under the light and will surely be gorgeous in the sun. I love water's Front Line suit. I am not too sure about Ying and Yang though. I assume this one would be catered more to the older people who do not want to be as bare on the road but I didn't feel like much thought was put in place for this costume to be dynamic. 

China has it's following being one of the stalwarts in Miami Carnival and I am sure would have no problem filling up.

For more pics: China Mas

Check you their website: (still under construction) 

They are also going to be showing at Sun Life Stadium next Saturday