Band Launch Review: Mascots International

Monday, July 29, 2013 Drunk or Sober Mind yuh Bizness 0 Comments

One of my fav bands was launching on Saturday night and since it is right next door to my house I made all attempts to be there. I am in love with Mascots International. I think they epitomize what MY ideal band is, especially for Miami Carnival. A cute costume with not too much frills, food, and a lot of vibes and drinks. Perfect. Please remember I am not a costume with frills person.

Mascots presented "Once upon a Time" at Studio 5 Ten on Saturday. I wish someone had told me though to go there in my bra and panty instead. It was HOT!!!! My first time at the venue and after getting word that the costumes were going on around 1am I left my house at 1 and walked in and almost passed out. IT WAS HOT!! If it wasn't for the music and the drinks and finding a fan in the corner and that everybody was partying I would have passed out.

At about 130 out of the blue I saw a headpiece on stage, I was unable to find space at the front of the stage so was only able to see costumes after they exited.

Mascots has 4 sections for their 2013 presentation. On Saturday they presented 3 sections and their 4th section, Atlantis, is going to come from a new addition to their family but some veteran leaders the De Gannes.

City of Gold:

Agrabba (Based on Aladdin)

Color of the Wind:


Siren (FL) is the winner for me so far out of the sections. I felt like City of Gold wasn't a finished of a product as the other sections. Agrabba is in second place by .5.

Mascots' mascamp is: 7321 NW 45 Court, Lauderhill,, 33319 and they are open