Band Highlight: iCan-D Mas (Orlando Carnival)

Friday, March 14, 2014 Brown Girl In the Ring 0 Comments

Our first post for the season would be to highlight a band gearing up for Orlando Carnival 2014 with their presentation "Savor the Flavor" which is about 72 days away.

iCan-D's (pronounced eye candy) purpose is to promote and spotlight the marvel that is the Caribbean. They use this time to highlight diversity, creativity, music, and most importantly showcase our enthusiasm and love for all things Carnival.

iCanD mas band leaders represent different  regions of the Caribbean, but all 4 of them share the same passion for carnival. The vivid designs for "Savor the flavor" were made by up-and-coming designers: Sherry Lowe and Kesha Lynch (2 of iCan-D's band leaders ). All alumni of the University of Central Florida, it made sense that they are based out of Orlando, Fl.

They are excited to finally be a part of this carnival because they look at Orlando Carnival as a "carnival gem". Even though its small, it is still very significant in regards to the Caribbean community. They are thankful for Orlando Carnival because it gives them the opportunity to display and  share our beautiful culture to the world.

iCan-D Mas' presentations "Savor the Flavor" has three sections:

Aqua Elixir

Aqua backline-$140
Aqua frontline -$210
Aqua section leader-$330
Aqua man-$150

Sour Apple Burst

Sour Apple  backline- $125
Sour Apple frontline - $210
Sour Apple section leader-$330

Lola on the Rocks

Lola- $350

Check out the website for closer look at costumes and registration information.

Contact iCan-D:

Phone: (786) 300-1132 or (407)569-6011

iCan-D has also provided us with a soca mix that is "guaranteed to make any waistline wuk: